easy2coach Training – Improve Your Soccer Playing Skills

If you are on the lookout for a credible app to brush up on your goalkeeping and scoring skills, easy2coach Training may be exactly what you are looking for. The app provides the widest range of proven soccer drills and training forums where users can easily learn new skills and techniques. This app is free, meaning you won’t have to spend anything to get this app on your phone.

easy2coach Training – Improve Your Soccer Playing Skills

Hundreds of soccer drills are totally free to access. With this app on your phone, you can create a professional, age-appropriate, varied training program in a few seconds. Users can learn daily new skills, comment on drills, create their watch lists, manage training days, create their own favorite lists with the most famous drills, the search function for select training content, age groups, drill names, and training areas. Users can also crate training plans directly through the app.

Each soccer drill is described in detail, presented, and categorized with at least one visual graphic. To enable the perfect access, soccer drills have been divided into key categories of tactics, technique, coordination, condition, general training goals, and set-plays. Therefore, drills from particular age groups, training locations, numbers of players, and training focuses can be accessed with just one click.

Here’s what the app says about itself:

‘’Each football drill is described in detail, categorized, and presented with at least one graphic.
To allow perfect access, the drills have been divided into the main categories of technique, tactics, condition, coordination, set-plays, and general training goals.

Thus, drills for specific age groups, numbers of players, training locations, and training focuses can be found with just one click. Each drill can be easily accessed directly during training and opened via the smartphone or tablet. The presentation on the tablet adapts to the size, so that drill graphics appear even clearer and larger.’’