Top 3 Most Watched Sports in the World

Sports go a long way toward helping us stay fit both physically and mentally. Different people like to play different sports, depending on their preferences and needs. If you are looking to start following some sports activities, this blog post is going to help you. We have gathered some sports games that are most watched in the world.  Let’s check them out below;

Top 3 Most Watched Sports in the World


Around half of the planet’s population has a never-ending craze for this game. People go gaga over their favorite football players. Over 3.5 billion people become glued to their TV screen each year for Football World Cup. According to a report conducted by a veritable source, over 250 million people admit that they are actively engaged in soccer. It is the most popular sports game in Asia South American, and Europe.


Although cricket doesn’t make the list of top 10 sports in America, its global influence can’t be overlooked. Cricket is massively popular in countries like Australia, Pakistan, India, England, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, etc. A cricket game involves two teams of eleven players playing against each other to score the most runs. It is quite similar to baseball. However, some noticeable differences set cricket and baseball apart from each other. There are three cricket game formats; test match, one day match, and T20 match. A test match lasts for five days, while one day and T20 matches last for 100 overs and 40 overs respectively. Did you know that? The first cricket match was recorded in 1646.


Basketball is a modern game in comparison to other ancient games. It first burst on the scene in the late 19th century. The majority of its fans belong to Canada, the USA, China, and Japan. It is in progress to become the USA’s most popular sport.