What to Look for in a Hockey Stick

Buying a hockey for the first time can be troublesome and intimidating, as it you don’t know what to consider when buying such an item. To help people choose the right hockey stick, we have combined some points that you should consider when buying a hockey stick. Read till the end to gain the maximum knowledge.

What to Look for in a Hockey Stick

Flex and Kickpoint

The flex denotes how much bend or give the stick has when hitting a shot or applying force. The flex rating indicates that how much force it takes to bend the stick per inch. For instance, a stick with a 100 flex rating will require 100 pounds of force to bend it one inch. The kick point of the stick generates the force that produces the velocity for firing the puck. When someone uses a flex that is stiff, it can cause less accuracy, decreased power, and a lower feel. Take these things in mind when buying your first hockey stick.

Stick Length

The flex and length of a stick are linked with each other. Every cut on the stick increases its stiffness. If you have any intention of cutting the stick, make sure you buy a stick that will provide you with the right stiffness even after being cut. You can choose from four different sizes: Youth, Junior, Senior and Intermediate.

Blade Curve

There’re a variety of different blade curves you can choose from. Your position, personal preference, and style of play will help you choose the right model. It’s crucial to understand how each curve type will impact your game and perform on the ice. Many experienced players like to have a deeper curve, as it allows them to easily get the puck off the ice faster.

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