How To shut the garage door when the sun is shining on the electronic eyes?

In the summer, your garage door starts having issues closing because of the sunlight blocking its sensors. Due to this, people often ask, “How to shut the garage door when the sun shines on the electronic eyes?”


Use a cardboard tube.

  • Make a tube of toilet paper that is between 2 and 4 inches (5.12 to 10.2 cm) long. Plastic wrap tubes, paper towel tubes, or wrapping paper tubes can also be used. Cut it a little longer than your sensor with a knife.
  • Directly over the electronic eye, place the tube. If your tube is bent in any way, straighten it out so that it does not completely block the sensor.
  • Make sure your cardboard tube doesn’t move around by securing it with duct tape. To ensure that your garage door works properly, make sure the tube does not obstruct the sensor.

Use a PVC pipe!

  • PVC pipe with a diameter of 1 in (2.5 cm) should be cut to 2 in (5.1 cm). Your pipe should be marked with a pencil, and then the excess should be cut off with a hacksaw.
  • One side of the pipe should be drilled with two to four holes. Using a size 11 drill bit (or whatever you have on hand) will suffice to make holes large enough to accommodate zip ties. Drill a few holes near one side of the pipe.
  • Overlay the sensor with the pipe. Be sure to center the pipe over the sensor in order to prevent interference. You should be able to see a green light on your sensor if you need to double-check.

That’s it.

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