What to Consider When Buying a Snowboard

Looking to buy a snowboard that can fit your personal requirements? Well, with so many options out there it may be hard trying to find the one meeting your criteria. In this blog post, we will discuss some important aspects you should take stock of when picking a board.

What to Consider When Buying a Snowboard

Determine your needs

First off, determine your requirements. What type of boards you need to choose from? What different board profiles look like? What is the right size for your weight and height? Answering such questions is sure to help you get to the right snowboard. If you don’t know much about snowboards, you can find infomraiton about snowboards on the internet, taking your snowboard knowledge to the next level. Always remember knowledge is the real power.

Snowboard profile

A Snowboard profile describes its shape when notices from the side. You can choose from any of the following snowboard profiles:

Rocker – A rocker profile aka reverse camber looks like a smile. The tail and tip rock backward and forward when positioned on the snow, allowing a catch-free ride with less face plants. It is ideal for those riding nothing but powder.

Hybrid – Such profiles are a blend of camber and rocker that provides you with benefits of both great edge hold of camber and catch-free riding of rocker. Any snowboard rider who is exploring various terrain options on the mountain will benefit from a hybrid profile.

Camber – Camber profiles aka traditional camber bend in the mid like a rainbow when viewed from the side. It will provide you with a longer effective edge and is best for both novices and pros that want great edge hold.

What things you assess when buying a snowboard? Please feel free and do let us know in the comments below.