Best Cricket Spinners of All Time

Cricket is an amazing sport that has produced some of the best players. In this article, we are going to cover only the best cricket spinners of all time. Let’s find out what players make this list:

Best Cricket Spinners of All Time

Abdul Qadir

According to a former English captain, Abdul Qadir was even better than Sane Warne. You may or may not agree with this statement, but we all agree that Abdul Qadir was a great leg spinner. Let’s take a look at his stats, Qadir played 67 matches and secured 236 wickets with an average of 32.8, an impressive figure that many bowlers could only dream of. The reason why he is present in this list is that he kept leg-spinning alive in an age when it was considered outdated. 9/56 was one of his career-best figures. He had a range of wicket-taking variations at his disposal. However, his googly was one of his lethal deliveries to frustrate batsmen.

Richie Benaud

Known as the ‘’Voice of Cricket,’’ Richie Benaud came to represent the cricket game in all its facades from batsmen, captain, bowler, to commentator, thinker, and writer. He is ranked among the greatest cricket personalities. He was also the best all-rounder of his time. He played 63 test matches and took 248 wickets with an impressive average of 27.03.

Shane Warne

It would be a major sin not to mention Shane Warne when it comes to the best cricket spinners. The ball he bowled to Mike Gatting is considered his career’s best delivery, which caused him a lot of appreciation and praise all over the world. He played 145 test matches and secured a whopping 708 wickets with an average of 25.41, in an era ruled by Brain Lara and Sachin Tendulkar with the bat.